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sawWe have the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art production equipment for welding, and produce the highest-quality bandsaw blades in the business.


We have also invested in the highest-quality equipment, which includes our ALO automatic cut-off machine manufactured in Sweden. This machine saves us time; but most importantly, it accurately and precisely cuts the blades to the perfect length. It also indexes the tooth spacing giving you a perfectly matching gullet at the weld every time – guaranteed.

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Our service professionals are the most skilled in the industry.

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We focus on what is most important, tools that work!


Facts about Kilgore Blades

For wider blades, we have put in place a top-of-the-line Ideal Welder. This machine is an investment worth over $100,000 that helps us give you the strongest welds in the business. It electronically controls the welding process and included a parameter that automatically measures the heat to hold it at the exact temperature for the precise amount of time, giving us the best weld in the business.

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