News about our new membership, and our blades!


We’re proud to announce that we are a now a new member of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association!

So just what makes us so special?

Well here’s a list; but we’d love the chance to show you first hand!

Our main focus has always been on Bandsaw blades. As a result, we create the best in the business. We have the most-advanced technology and state-of-the-art production equipment for welding – and pride ourselves on producing an incredibly high-quality product.

Our ALO automatic cut-off machine manufactured in Sweden saves us time, and accurately and precisely cuts the blades to the perfect length. It also indexes the tooth spacing, giving you a perfectly matching gullet at the weld every time, guaranteed.

Our top-of-the-line Ideal Welder for wider blades produces super-strong welds. This machine is an investment worth over $100,000, and it electronically controls the welding process. It also includes a parameter that automatically measures the heat to hold it at the exact temperature for the precise amount of time – which results in a perfect weld.

Our pricing is the most-competitive in the business. Since we’ve invested in top-quality production equipment, we can make more blades in less time – and with greater quality and accuracy.

95% of our orders are shipped out the same day. Due to our highly productive welding equipment and staff, the change-over time is reduced, but the quality remains at the very best.

In conclusion, we’re happy to be a new member of the association, and excited to continue producing the best blades in the business, because we know that’s the kind of quality you deserve!

Call us today for more information – 501-753-4047